Arte Facta is luxury that mixes discretion and elegance of the Made in Italy. Its essential lines and versatile spirit express the brand timeless vocation.

The line of jewels and of bags are linked by the cross references created by their exclusive design. While bracelets become clasp in the icon bags, earrings and rings are specular parts of the identity of bags built around jewels.

Arte Facta is pride of the Made in Italy and wisdom entrusted to the best artisans. Behind any accessory, component and step for its realization, there is the creative hand of a careful designer’s project who entrusts to expert hands of men its creation. Arte Facta artisans are Master Craftsmen who have handed down from father to son the typical Italian know-how.

Arte Facta is Research of materials and unique professionalisms, paying the greatest attention to sustainability from the ecological and social point of view. The quality as a result of creativity, respect for environment and people. Ethics as integral part of aesthetics.

Arte Facta is womanliness and class, incomparable style, desire without sin. She is a refined and determined woman, at times austere, never trivial. She is a woman daring without any effort because being out of the ordinary comes naturally to her. She does not care to turn heads, but to be remembered.

The brand was born in 2014 from an idea of Ilaria Quotta, designer who studied at Istituto Marangoni [private Italian school of fashion and design] of Milan, and then improved her expertise in small companies where she could follow the whole manufacturing process, from research and design until the finished product. Grown up between wheat fields and olive trees of Puglia, Ilaria loves silent mornings along with a cup of green tea, red lipstick and vinyl discs. She associates a colour to every person. In the mirror she sees herself rouge noir. Her strength is to join her heavenly nature of designer with her decision-making concreteness of businesswoman, heritage of her family origins and her beloved homeland.

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