The photographic project: A Conversation with ARTE FACTA comes from the artistic union between Ilaria Quotta, the designer behind the brand of jewelry and bags ARTE FACTA and Gianluca Moro, a music photographer strongly influenced by the noir and decadent athmospheres of lynchian memory with almost pictorical and dreamlike aesthetic references.

A photographic work developing through images with which the two artists put to good use their working paths and in-depth analysis of music, poetry, cinema; these are fields that Ilaria and Gianluca have a great passion for, through which every vision and every dream shape and create a cinematic tale that is, however, static, and still, frozen in the exact moment where the two decided to gaze at.

A language built on a set of emotional intuitions, made of mistakes, lacerations, falls, inventions and lights; every picture carries a sign, a proposal, an impression. The “cinematic” research field explores a world that is protected, closed, tortous and sensual. Jewels and bags as characters invading what they embody; an armchair, a fallen lamp, the scene of a crime, a missed call or an african doll are some of the fetishes that are chosen, following Ilaria’s and Gianluca’s most irrational side.

The mysterious and thick chromatism of Moro’s redifines every scenario by offering to jewels a new chance to exist in everyday (sometimes dreamlike) life.

Gianluca Moro:

Photo and concept by Gianluca Moro
Art direction by Francesca Botrini e Laura Montalto

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