Arte Facta is glad to present you a new partnership:

The capsule collection, born from the synergy and agreement between Ilaria Quotta creative manager of Arte Facta and Alessandro Biasi, art director of A-Lab Milano, comprises 3 variations of MIA DECO’, the icon and best-selling shoulder bag of Arte Facta, customized by 3 thematic prints directly from the FW’17 of A-Lab Milano. The final product is the outcome of a successful creative synthesis between classic and unconventional, between experiment and tradition. Both designers’ path can be found in a bag expressing concurrently both brands, combining different research areas of A-lab Milano and Arte Facta. It was clear since the first meetings between both designers the sharing of values and positions. Both shy and reserved, fond of direct relations and human comparison, but also careful of “social” dynamics typical of this sector, Ilaria and Alessandro have immediately imagined the project of partnership as message of positivity for the new generation of Made in Italy, by showing the extraordinary possibilities offered by the sharing of knowledge and different creative paths, with a view to “work as a system” and achieve in this way a wider – but always selected – audience.

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